Deep in the Mojo & Other Stories

Deep in the Mojo & Other Stories

So as of today it’s officially available in e-book form on the Amazon Kindle. (Details here.)

Great day seeing all the hard work put into the collection finally paying off. I’m really happy with how the cover and layout turned out. And it was fun revisiting these old stories, like old friends, and seeing how they held up over the years since I originally wrote them, stuffed them in envelopes, and waited for the good or bad news from editors.

So much has changed in publishing since I stepped away for a while to concentrate on the Star Wars Miniatures game for Wizards of the Coast that I feel like a complete novice again. Not so much like relearning to ride a bike as coming back to the bike and finding out it’s now got seven wheels, and a jet engine. Where do you even sit on this thing?

So a fond farewell and sincere thanks to Rob Watkins, Peter Lee, Gary Sarli and the rest of the WotC staff that welcomed me as part of the Star Wars Miniatures team and a slightly less fond goodbye to writing about arcane rules interactions.

And hello my old friend make-believe and the mystery you’ve become since last we met…


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