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Thanks for checking out my site. If you see a story on my site you’d like to read for FREE click Continue reading below to find out how.

So here’s the deal…

Reader reviews on a site like Amazon are really valuable to authors that haven’t built up a following. They give other readers some confidence that what they’re thinking about buying isn’t complete garbage, and in some cases allow a writer to get further promotion on sites that require a book be vetted with a certain number of reviews before posting the book’s information.

And we’re not talking college thesis here. We’re talking a couple sentences about what you thought about the story, and giving it a star rating. (More detail isn’t a problem, but I’m not asking for anything like that.) We’re talking 5 minutes preferably on Amazon, or if you prefer some other online store or site that’s fine too.

So, I give you something for free, and if you like it, you promise to dash off a quick note on Amazon or elsewhere to help spread the word. Simple, right?

If you want something, email me at authorjtanner (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know the title of the story and your preferred ebook reading format (MOBI, EPUB, PDF, Word DOC, RTF). I’ll email you back the file shortly and your email will not be used for ANY other purpose, not even my email list.


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