Now I B Readin’ E

Despite my recent rediscovery of the public library as a source of books after losing both Borders and the Barnes & Noble leaving an area of half a million sans a major book store, I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Kindle. Specifically, the ad-supported model with 3G built in. The announcement that this year’s new Kindle product is a tablet means no color e-ink model for a while so the last reason to hold out fizzled.

My rep as the world’s most anti-tech tech-nerd takes a hit I suppose. Still, no iPhone or less precisely, no cell phone, keeps me in the top five I imagine.

I love the screen. While I’m fairly used to reading on a PC, reading on the e-ink screen is so much nicer. I’m enjoying my e-book finds much more now that I’m not tied to my writing desk to read them. I’m not really sure if I really need the 3G but I figured better to have it an not need it, than need it and not have it. The advertising setup doesn’t bother me a bit–it never appears at all while reading–a perfect compromise. I haven’t given up paper completely though. Seeing Conelley’s The Reversal at $10 for e-book vs $5.50 at Costco for paperback means I’m still taking the less expensive route. It just boggles that the prices don’t compete in favor of e-books there, or at worst are a wash. So until they do, I’m happy to read it in the cheapest form available.


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