Amazon announces KDP Select Program

Amazon finally unveiled the heavily rumored KDP Select program today, shedding light on what the exact benefits to KDP users are.

1) Inclusion of the title in the Prime lending library, and a pro rata share of a fund set aside for authors for each book checked out and the ability to monitor checkouts in real time.

2) The ability to set a book for free for up to 5 days in a 90 day enrollment period.

The catch, during the 90 day enrollment period your book must be exclusively for sale electronically on Amazon KDP. (Paper is still fine through other retailers.)

So pretty limited scope for now, but the program seems pretty appealing for authors who haven’t diversified their sales to other sites and who don’t want to go through the inconsistent morass of trying to get a book set to free through price matching.  Given the limited number of books a prime member can check out (1 per month) I don’t see that being of much value to unknown authors–I expect the big names to get all the play there.

I had one short story only on Amazon anyway just through laziness. So I went ahead and enrolled it giving me another 90 days of guilt-free procrastination. So feel free to check out Buzzard’s Last Day in the Big Q from the library, and watch for it to go free at some point in the next couple months.


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