Recommended Reading: Left with the Dead by Stephen Knight

I just noticed that friend and fellow IMP alum Stephen Knight’s novella Left with the Dead (a followup to the novel The Gathering Dead) is free for a few days on Amazon. I found TGD to be a highly entertaining military themed zombie novel when I read it recently, and perusing the first few paragraphs of LwtD makes it look like more of the same. I’ll be diving into it myself in short order.

Note that it picks up one character’s story right where it ends in the novel so if you’re someone who’s prone to spoilery info about who survives that type of book and want to read TGD first you might just grab this one while it’s free and not even read the blurb.

Click on the link or picture to go to the Amazon page to grab it before the free promotion ends.


4 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Left with the Dead by Stephen Knight

  1. HI stephen
    hows it going read both your [dead] books.Both brilliant,bit of a shock in the 2nd book about mum and son.When is the next one out.Also could i get a autograph signed on something i could frame to add to my collection
    cheers nick
    keep up the good work.

  2. Steve release the TWO(!) sequels (originally one novel that grew so large he split it into two parts) just recently. I started reading them myself a few days ago and my initial thought is I’m pretty sure they’ll live up to the high expectations from the fans of the first book and novella. I’m not sure how often Steve checks in here, but you can talk to him at his blog by clicking on his name in his comment above. Have fun with the dead!

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