The Walking Dead 3.09 “The Suicide King” Discussion

Yay, Walking Dead is back and season 3 continues to be the best yet. Good enough to inspire talking about it. Sure, some stuff is glossed over (never, ever, ask the next obvious question) in normal TV fashion but it’s fun, tense, and unpredictable.

So, Rick is freaking out. Sure, he seems fine in the when lives are on the line, but it gets quiet and he just can’t hang. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The stretched a lot in the last episode so they could get Merle and Daryl squared off in a fight “to the death” and it wasn’t really worth it beyond being a nice cliffhanger moment. The rescue shows up before anyone can make a significant decision–they all just react. The good guys get away, dragging Merle along. The bad guys lose a few red shirts and Andrea remains in Woodbury without getting the crucial “stay or go” decision point again.

Then we get to the good stuff. Rick says suck it now to Merle, and suck it shortly to Michonne (why?) Daryl chooses family over friends. I think it’ll be short lived decision, but who knows? They’ve kept Andrea away all season when I thought she’d come running back at the first opportunity. Michonne is finally outed by Merle as Andrea’s buddy, and Andrea is outed as being the Governor’s buddy. And Andrea learns her friends are the “terrorists” and some have even been held captive in Woodbury. So all the cards are on the table and now people have to make the real decisions–where do they belong?

And so help me I finally like these remaining characters enough that I want the status quo group back together.

But then Andrea rallies the townfolk like she has no intention of running far away from the now obviously nutjob Governor (back to the other nutjob leader Rick, but she doesn’t know he’s lost it like we do.)

And then there’s our new crew of zombie fodder, Tyreese and company. We’ve been informed a bit too quickly who will be eaten when the white dudes want to plot a coup over Carol and Carl, who, I bet would have handled them easily if we got that showdown. Tyreese and Sasha are cool though. They’re doing a better job of introducing sympathetic characters. Hershel’s group took a lot longer to grow on me.

And then we finally get to the big scene forshadowing where Rick zones out when seeing his baby. Is he looking at it thinking it’s Shane’s? I’m not sure what they’re trying to say with this scene beyond Rick ain’t looking at his baby like he should be. And then we quickly move on to Rick and Tyreese meeting and just when it looks like Hershal has talking him into grudgingly bringing them into the fold–Rick goes total loopypants talking to the ghost of Lori and waving his gun around. This is the leader Tyreese has been waiting to make peace with? Run away, Tyreese, run far away. They’ll likely gloss over this breakdown way too simplistically next week. But they’ll throw enough new twists our way that it won’t matter. Just like this week’s Merle/Daryl “deathmatch” that didn’t happen not mattering.

Good episode.


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