Deep in the Mojo & Other Stories

Deep in the Mojo & Other Stories

(Collection | Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor)

Amazon Kindle Edition | B&N NOOK Book

DEEP IN THE MOJO & OTHER STORIES includes eight darkly fantastic tales, blending equal parts horror, sci-fi, noir, and humor along the way.

Join Reggie as he finds the only thing tougher than getting out of the drug business is getting out of the voodoo business. Before long he’s back to his old ways, and deep in the mojo…

Spend some time in lockup with the inmate formerly known as Lucky Seven…

Take a trip to the amusment park with a pair of cybernetically enhanced soldiers who don’t expect to make it out alive…

Hide in the shadows with Buzzard Crosby during his final day at San Quentin, where the inmates run the asylum and they aren’t too happy about Buzzard flying the coop…

These are just some of the oddballs that populate this collection.

The included stories “Deep in the Mojo” and “Buzzard’s Last Day in the Big Q” each garnered an Honorable Mention from YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR.

STORIES INCLUDED: Deep in the Mojo, Odd Jobs, New Whirled Ordure, Unlife of the Party, ArtSanity: A Brain Candy Story, Six, Road Trip, Buzzard’s Last Day in the Big Q


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