Deep in the Mojo

(Short Story | Horror,  Crime)

Join Reggie as he finds the only thing tougher than getting out of the drug business is getting out of the voodoo business. Before long he’s back to his old ways, and deep in the mojo…

I THOUGHT Bobby Rot said we were taking the scenic route. My mistake. He said the “see Nick” route. Real clever guy. Could be why he’s Nick’s number one goon. He picked his teeth with the corner of a business card, brushed nonexistent lint from his nearly plastic business suit. Sprawled on the limo floor, bleeding from the nose on yesterday’s box scores, I wasn’t in much of a funny-biz mood.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m retired?” I said.

“Well now you’re unretired.” Bobby examined his knuckles, the ones he had introduced to my face. “So what are you gonna do now, voodoo man? Poke pins in a Ken doll? Turn me into a zombie maybe?”

I’m not sure if Bobby Rot got his moniker from his lousy demeanor or his rancid smile. Odds were it was a little of both. I looked into his eyes and imagined how a bullet hole would fit right between, when his face changed.

Became somber, wise…wicked. That Loa slid into Bobby like greased oatmeal. Not even a convulsion or the rolling back of the eyes typical of most possessions. Just a subtle but telltale shift in expression that only I would notice.

An oungan gazed from behind Bobby’s drug-stained eyes.

Voodoo “scholars” will explain in about five times as many words that the Loa is a manifestation of the minor gods and an oungan is the spiritual circuit between those gods and the host. That’s what we want them to think. The real-deal is this: an oungan is one-hundred-and-three percent in control. Body, mind…and soul.

Not sure how he had gotten to Bobby. Didn’t matter—he’d wormed his way deep into the core of Nick’s rotten apple and sure as beggars on the subway Nick was going to ask me to cut the bad part out.

That oungan, whoever he was, noticed me gawking back and split pronto.

“You putting a hex on me or something?”

“Not me,” I said.

We both got a good laugh out of that.


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